Tips for Achieving Aesthetic Commercial Balustrade Design by Australian Standards

commercial balustrade design by Australian standard

When tasked with designing a commercial area, one element that often demands attention is the balustrade system. Balustrades, while primarily a safety feature, can also significantly contribute to the aesthetic appeal of a space. In Australia, however, they must also comply with specific standards. Here are five tips for achieving an aesthetic and code-compliant commercial balustrade design by Australian standard.

Choose Reputable Suppliers

Your choice of supplier can make or break your project. Seek out established and reputable suppliers who specialize in balustrade solutions that meet the standards of Australia. These suppliers can provide insights into the latest trends and the most efficient materials, ensuring your design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also compliant.

Understand the Codes

The Australian Building Code provides the minimum necessary requirements for safety, health, amenity, and sustainability in the design and construction of new buildings. As a designer, you must thoroughly understand these codes, especially those relating to balustrade systems. This understanding will guide your design process, ensuring that it meets both aesthetic and compliance standards.

Incorporate Glass and Glazing

Glass balustrades are increasingly popular due to their sleek, modern aesthetic. However, their design requires a thorough understanding and application of relevant provisions. When used correctly, glass can enhance the overall appeal of your commercial space whilst still adhering to the standards of Australia.

Adapt to Your Environment

The design reference for all structures in Australia, including balustrades, is the Australian Standard. Therefore, your commercial balustrade design should adapt to its environment. For instance, a balustrade system for a coastal property may differ significantly from one in an urban setting. Always consider environmental factors when designing your balustrades.

Embrace Creativity within Compliance

In public buildings, architects and designers are encouraged to promote social interaction, encourage healthy behaviour, and deliver beauty. Don’t see compliance as a limitation to your creativity. Instead, use it as a framework within which you can experiment and innovate. Remember, a well-designed balustrade can significantly boost the beauty of a commercial space.

And while these principles apply across the board, the specifics might change when dealing with industrial balustrade design by Australian standards, necessitating further research and consideration.


Obtaining an aesthetic and code-compliant commercial balustrade design by Australian standard may seem daunting. However, with the right supplier, a firm grasp of the codes, creative use of materials like glass, adaptability, and a dash of creativity, it is entirely achievable.

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